Becetel® is a totally independent ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, capable to carry out a wide range of tests on plastics. With a focus on plastic piping and its accessories.

Becetel® is a recognized laboratory for many inspection and certification bodies, like BCCA (Benor), Copro, Certigaz (NF136), DVGW, DIN-Certco,...

Becetel® is also active in several normalization commissions and works as a subcontractor for other laboratories and institutes.

Becetel® has the expertise necessary to respond to customer inquiries quickly and flexible.

The company was run by Prof. Ir. Philippe Vanspeybroeck, a world authority in the field of fracture analysis and material properties.

Strain Hardening Test

The ISO 18488 test method determines the Strain Hardening Modulus with which the slow crack growth of Polyethylene pipes and fittings is evaluated. With the growing market share of crack resistant polymers, this test is particularly useful to be able to distinguish, for example, PE 100 from PE 100-RC grades. Therefore Becetel has invested in equipment and training to be able to carry out this test.



New equipment has arrived : machine for longterm compression strength on infiltration units


BECETEL® welcomes…

We are pleased to introduce a new member in our team:

Kyan Van Holsbeeck will join our team of technicians. With this new team member we will be able to serve our customers even better.


New equipment has arrived : tensile machine for SHT (Strain hardening test)


BECETEL® waves goodbye…

Last month three of our team members reached retirement age. Vera De Meyer who has run our secretariat, Patrick Welvaert our warehouse keeper, and Phillipe Vanspeybroeck our general manager. We wish to thank them all for the many years of cooperation.

Our special thanks go to Philippe Vanspeybroeck who spend 35 years of his professional life at Becetel. He let Becetel grow into today’s respected team.

In the meantime, their successors have been trained well so that the continuity of our service to our customers is assured.


Mr. Joris Vienne was appointed General Manager by the Board of Directors.


Algemene vergadering (General Assembly) via webconference.


As a result of the increasing trend towards the use of PE100-RC materials, we have expanded our testing capacity with a brand new FNCT test rig. Moreover several of our existing machines received a retrofit.

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