Becetel® stands for "Belgian Centre for technological research of pipes and fittings." It was founded in 1957 at the University of Ghent with the aim to conduct studies and research associated with piping and accessories and is located today in Melle as a fully independent and accredited laboratory according to EN ISO 17025.

Becetel® is a recognised laboratory for many inspection and certification bodies (BCCA, Copro, Certigaz, DVDW, Din-Certco, ...) and has clients all over the world.

Becetel® carries out an extensive number of tests on plastics piping systems and plastic building materials according to international standards (ISO, EN, ASTM).

Becetel® also works with several welding centres for the approval of welders in plastics systems (f.e. gas piping systems and membranes for dumping sites).

Becetel® has its own workshop for sample preparation, the modification of existing machinery and the development of new testing equipment. So Becetel has the expertise necessary to respond to customer needs quickly and flexibly.

Becetell® takes part as a recognized technical expert in several international normalisation committees and is sector operator for the Belgian standardisation organisation (NBN) for plastics.

Becetel® was run by Prof. ir. Philippe Vanspeybroeck, a world authority in the field of fracture analysis and material properties, and is a commonly used centre of expertise for juridical advice in court procedures