Becetel® vzw has teamed up with De Watergroep to perform inspections on piping systems that are used for water supply.

De Watergroep is the largest water company in Flanders. The departments asset and process technology have a comprehensive knowledge in the field of water supply systems and water treatment.

What are we doing?

  • Quality control of the material
  • Maintenance management
  • Project monitoring and advice

We do this via a 5 star service:

  • Laboratory research
    Testing of metal and plastics piping systems.
  • Preventive research
    State and condition of the existing piping systems based on non-destructive testing.
  • Diagnostic research
    Root cause analysis of material problems of existing pipelines with proposal for further investigation.
    XRF spectrometry: quantitative element analysis of metal alloys.
  • Technical design advice
    Guidance on material selection for piping systems in the design phase.
  • Inspections
    Random inspection of piping materials according to the specifications of the customer.

Why choose Becetel - De Watergroep?

  • Comprehensive technical reporting and project follow-up.
  • Advice based on European and international standards. Becetel has an accredited research center for plastics piping systems.
  • Full quality guarantee.
  • Excellent technical and industrial knowledge of (process) water installations.
  • Assistance from experts from all branches of the water industry.