Our main service is our extended range and almost 60 years of experience in the testing of plastics. Apart from this we offer our know-how for technical expertise and advice for normalization committees. To share knowledge, Becetel also organises an annual symposium. Some convincing arguments for choosing one of our services:

  • Professional advice
  • Accredited and annually strictly controlled tests
  • Thorough knowledge and monitoring of international standards
  • Wide range of test methods
  • Own workshop for sample preparation and the development and updating of testing equipment

The principal testing activities of Becetel are:

  • Contract research on industrial plastics for gas and water supply;
  • Variety of products: pipes, fittings, valves, saddles, PVC profiles for windows, porous paving, inspection chambers, tanks, membranes, fusion joints, composites, polyester relining, ...;
  • Behaviour under internal or external pressure;
  • Determination of regression curves according to ISO 9080;
  • Mechanical and physical properties;
  • Experimental fracture mechanics: Rapid Crack Propagation, slow crack growth ...;
  • Creep and fatigue;
  • Ageing of plastics (natural weathering, oven);
  • Behaviour of fusions (butt fusion, electrofusion, ...);
  • Optical microscopic examination;
  • Determination of residual stresses in plastics;
  • Identification of the used material (IR, DSC, ...);
  • Production control of industrial plastics;
  • Thermal conditioning and thermal cycling test;
  • Pressure cycling test;
  • Accelerated tests on PE 100-RC (aNPT, FNCT);

More information can be found on the testing page and the test finder tool.


Becetel® also manages the traccoding website for the traceability of PE compounds and PE components, as described in the ISO 12176-4 standard.