Our main service is our extended testing range and a combined experience of over a century in the testing of plastics. Apart from this we offer our know-how for technical expertise and advice for normalization committees.

Testing is performed in 4 laboratories, all located on our site in Melle (Belgium):

  • An air-conditioned lab (23 °C, 50 %RH) for the determination of mechanical properties (tensile, flexural, creep, etc. ...) and dimensional characteristics;
  • a multifunctional hall for the testing of larger test pieces and assemblies like RCP-S4, leaktightness, hydrostatic testing, temperature cycling, tensile creep, etc. ...;
  • a chemical lab for physical properties (MFR, DSC, FTIR, Vicat, HDT, corrosion testing, gelation degree, etc. ...);
  • a microscope room for fracture analysis;

In addition to these test labs we have our own mechanical workshop and knowhow for the modification of existing machinery and the development of new testing equipment. We developed our customized machines for the preparation of test pieces. Like CNC machining of dumbbells for tensile tests, fatigue testing of valves, compression moulding of plaques, pipe notching etcetera.

In order to perform all these tests Becetel® has a wide range of equipment for materials testing: large water baths and pressure stations for hydrostatic pressure testing; universal testing machines, ovens, climate chamber, freezers, impact testers, data-logging equipment, microscopes, flow meters, thickness gauges, hardness testers, fusion machines, torque wrenches, strain gauges, height gauges, micrometer gauges, thermocouples, … .

Becetel® can handle various pipe diameters, ranging from ø8 mm till ø2000 mm (until now).



Becetel® also manages the traccoding website for the traceability of PE compounds and PE components, as described in the ISO 12176-4 (barcode) and ISO 12176-5 (two-dimensional) standards.